VT 110 : Parasitology and Pathology

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Parasitology and Pathology



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VT 101, VT 102, VT 103 and VT 117.


VT 108, VT 114, VT 118.

Course Description

Explores the life cycles, modes of transmission, and diseases associated with common parasites of animals. Lab introduces diagnostic procedures and covers identification of parasites using prepared slides and collected specimens.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the life cycles and modes of transmission of common parasites of small and large animals.
2. Describe and demonstrate the collection and handling of fecal samples.
3. Explain and demonstrate procedures for diagnosis and identification of common internal and external parasites of animals.
4. Identify common internal and external parasites of animals and the diseases they cause.
5. Describe the steps of a postmortem examination and demonstrate proper submission of tissue samples.

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