VT 202 : Surgical Nursing and Dentistry

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Surg Nursing and Dentistry



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VT 200, VT 201, VT 203, VT 208, and VT 212.


VT 204, VT 206, VT 209.


Covers common dental problems and dental prophylaxis. Explores pre-operative, operative, and post-operative protocols for routine surgical procedures. Provides hands-on experience in anesthesiology, surgical patient preparation, surgical assistance, and dentistry.

Learning outcomes

1. Calculate dosages of anesthetic and emergency drugs.
2. Administer anesthetic drugs and implement pain management protocols.
3. Explain and perform anesthetic monitoring and respond appropriately to patients in compromised states.
4. Summarize pre-op, operative, and post-op protocols for routine surgical procedures.
5. Describe and perform pre-operative preparation, operative surgical assisting, and post-operative care for dogs and cats undergoing ovariohysterectomy and orchiectomy.
6. Summarize and demonstrate operating room sanitation and care.
7. Explain and recognize common dental problems.
8. Explain and perform routine dental prophylaxis and charting.
9. Effectively communicate discharge and follow-up instructions to clients.

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