VT 204 : Diagnostic Imaging

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Diagnostic Imaging



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VT 200, VT 201, VT 203, VT 208 and VT 212.


VT 202, VT 206, VT 209.


Covers the operation and use of fixed, portable, and dental x-ray machines; the care and development of films; radiographic positioning of animals; and evaluation of radiographic technique. Explores additional diagnostic imaging modalities, such as ultrasound, MRI, CT, and endoscopy.

Learning outcomes

1. Utilize radiographic technique charts to obtain optimal radiographic exposures.
2. Explain and demonstrate proper positioning of dogs, cats, and horses for radiographic studies.
3. Explain how to modify diagnostic imaging techniques for lab and exotic animals.
4. Utilize fixed and portable radiographic equipment to create diagnostic radiographic images.
5. Process exposed films to create diagnostic radiographic images.
6. Summarize and demonstrate proper labeling, filing, and storage of film.
7. Critique radiographic images and describe specific measures to improve technique.
8. Explain and perform radiographic contrast studies.
9. Explain and demonstrate techniques for dental radiography of dogs and cats.
10. Summarize special diagnostic modalities, including ultrasound, MRI, CT, and endoscopy.

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