VT 208 : Animal Nutrition

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Animal Nutrition



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VT 200, VT 201, VT 203, VT 209 and VT 212.


VT 202, VT 204, VT 206.

Course Description

Covers the basic principles of nutrition, the development of nutrition protocols based on the life stage and health status of the patient, and explores special prescription diets used in veterinary medicine.

Course learning outcomes

1. Calculate energy and nutrient requirements based on life stage and health status of the patient.
2. Explain the potential benefits and toxicities of nutritional supplements.
3. Develop nutrition protocols for hospital patients and clientele.
4. Compare and contrast therapeutic diet options.
5. Explain the nutritional care of newborns.

Content outline

Introduction, Nutrients, Water Macronutrients Micronutrients Feed Analysis/Energy Energy/Body Condition Scoring/Energy Requirements Pet Food/AAFCO Requirements Pet Food Labels/Types of Pet Foods Feeding Dogs Feeding Cats Nutrition in Clinical Practice Veterinary Prescription Diets

Required materials

Course pack.

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