WR 098 : Writing Seminar

Transcript title

Writing Seminar



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours



WR 065 or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 7.


WR 121Z.

Course Description

A companion course to WR 121Z for students who place into WR 098. Supports students by incrementally breaking down assignments while building self-efficacy and growth mindset to increase academic success. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Use the writing process to write essays.
2. Apply college success strategies of time management and successful completion of assignments.
3. Apply growth mindset strategies to course work.
4. Evaluate and reflect on your own writing and reading processes.
5. Successfully complete WR 121; or, if unsuccessful, identify the strategies you will need to be successful in the future.

Content outline

  • Group/peer work: reading and writing workshops
  • Growth mindset workshops
  • Individual appointments
  • In-class writing and exercises for reading and writing processes
  • Research tools
  • Additional preliminary, organizational, focus and development work for WR 121 assignments
  • Additional revision and editing work for WR 121 assignments

Required materials

The course textbook is for WR 121, and also used in the co-requisite section of WR 098.

Outside of

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