Business - Associate of Science Transfer (AST)


The Business Associate of Science Transfer (AST) program is designed for students with a high level of certainty about earning a bachelor’s degree in a business discipline from an Oregon public university. The degree meets lower-division general education requirements for transfer to an Oregon public institution, and students who successfully complete the courses and program GPA requirements will transfer in with junior standing in the major. Admission to a business school is not guaranteed; students are strongly encouraged to contact the institution to which they intend to transfer and work closely with their COCC advisor before choosing courses in the Business AST. 

This program is part of a statewide Major Transfer Map (MTM) agreement that identifies the community college courses needed to transfer to any Oregon public university as a junior seeking a Bachelor of Science in business disciplines.

program learning outcomes

Upon sucessful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Explain basic business functions and their integration into the business environment.
  2. Integrate diverse cultural perspectives and ethical reasoning and actions into business decisions.
  3. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
  4. Apply critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills to business decisions.

Academic Entrance Requirements


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Completion of WR 065 Rhetoric and Critical Thinking II or higher or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 7
  • Completion of MTH 098 Math Literacy or minimum placement in Math Level 14


Course Title Credits
Core Transfer Requirements
Cultural Literacy:
At least one Core Transfer course must also satisfy Cultural Literacy outcomes.
WR 121ZComposition I4
Arts and Letters:
Choose two courses from the Discipline Studies List.6-8
Social Science:
EC 201Microeconomics4
EC 202Macroeconomics4
Science/Math/Computer Science: 1
Choose two lab science courses from the Discipline Studies list.8-10
Choose one of the following pathways:4
Pathway A: Statistics (EOU, PSU, SOU, OIT)
Elementary Statistics I 2,3
Pathway B: Calculus (OSU, WOU, UO)
Calculus for Management/Social Science 4,5
Calculus I
Major Transfer Map Courses
WR 227ZTechnical Writing4
COMM 111ZPublic Speaking4
CIS 125EExcel4
BA 101ZIntroduction to Business4
BA 211ZPrinciples of Financial Accounting4
BA 213ZPrinciples of Managerial Accounting4
BA 226Business Law I4
Additional Courses to Reach 90 Credits
This may include up to 12 credits of career and technical education (CTE) courses designated by COCC as acceptable.
Up to 3 credits of HHPA can be applied toward electives.
Choose any course numbered 100 or above that brings the total credits to 90 quarter hours. Take electives that will transfer to the Oregon public university of choice. Work closely with a Business advisor to select courses that will help you fulfill any remaining degree requirements.
Total Credits90-94

Natural Science courses must be minimum of 4 credits.


Courses to consider - Pathway A: MTH 111Z Precalculus I: Functions if transferring to OIT.


Courses to consider - Pathway A: MTH 244 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 2 in addition to STAT 243Z Elementary Statistics I if transferring to SOU or OIT.  


Courses to consider - Pathway B: STAT 243Z Elementary Statistics I in addition to MTH 241 Calculus for Management/Social Science or MTH 251 Calculus I if transferring to UO or WOU.


Courses to consider - Pathway B: STAT 243Z Elementary Statistics I and MTH 244 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 2  fulfills OSU's BA 275 requirement.


  • Academic Requirements:
    • Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to earn a COCC certificate or degree.
    • Options for additional standards:
      • All courses in the program must be completed with a grade of C or higher.


Sample Plan Grid
First TermCredits
BA 101ZIntroduction to Business4
MTH 111Z (if transferring to OIT, OSU, UO, or WOU) or Elective (if transferring to EOU, PSU, or SOU)4
WR 121ZComposition I4
Elective (Recommend CIS 120)4
Second Term
EC 201Microeconomics4
WR 227ZTechnical Writing4
Arts and Letters:3-4
MTH 241 or MTH 251 (if transferring to OSU, WOU, or UO) or Elective (if transferring to EOU, OIT, PSU, or SOU)4
Third Term
STAT 243ZElementary Statistics I4
EC 202Macroeconomics4
Arts and Letters:3-4
Elective (Recommend CIS 131)4
Fourth Term
BA 211ZPrinciples of Financial Accounting4
COMM 111ZPublic Speaking4
Laboratory Science Course (from Discipline Studies list)4-5
MTH 244 (if transferring to OSU, OIT, SOU, or UO) or Elective (if transferring to EOU, PSU, or WOU)4
Fifth Term
BA 226Business Law I4
CIS 125EExcel4
Natural Sciences Course (must be a lab course if transferring to EOU or PSU; may be a non-lab course if transferring to SOU) or Elective (if transferring to OIT, OSU, WOU, or UO)4-5
Sixth Term
BA 213ZPrinciples of Managerial Accounting4
 Total Credits90-94

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