ART 191 : Sculpture

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ART 117.


Studio introduction to articulation of visual ideas in three dimensions using additive, subtractive and construction processes.

Learning outcomes

1. Produce sculptural forms using the reductive process and the additive process.
2. Generate accurate representational forms as well as abstract sculptural forms.
3. Demonstrate creative and critical thinking skills needed to solve a range of projects.
4. Identify the materials and methods employed by contemporary sculptors, and recognize a variety of contemporary sculptural artworks.
5. Understand and apply sound craftsmanship with several different materials.
6. Demonstrate safe practice and handling of those materials and tools used.

Content outline

1.Strategies for developing ideas (i.e. experiencing and playing with materials, imagining, dreaming, visualizing, symbolizing, writing, reading, researching, studying historical and cultural examples, sketching, collaborating, discussing)
2. Strategies for problem solving towards concretion of ideas in sculptural form (i.e. sketches, plans, maquettes, test pieces, models)
3. Representation and abstraction
4. Additive and reductive methods and materials for sculpture
5. Safety in the studio, including the proper handling of materials and proper use of equipment/tools
6. Historical and contemporary perspectives in the use of sculptural forms and their relationship to content and manifestation of ideas

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course, please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

Grading methods

Grading will be based on participation in labs, discussions and critiques of completed assignments and evidenced development of technical and conceptual skills.

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