ART 267 : Photography: Digital Editing

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Photography: Digital Editing



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ART 265.

Course Description

Introduces industry-standard photo editing software and techniques including manipulating, enhancing, retouching digital images. Prepares students for career requirements through development of suitable images for portfolios and retouching tests. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the tools within industry-standard photo editing software for photo manipulation and editing.
2. Distinguish the basics of color management, adjusting color in specific areas of an image, and ICC (International Color Consortium) profiles.
3. Identify the limitations of computers and performance settings.
4. Create professional photographic images that can be edited and formatted for print and digital output.
5. Use media-specific terminology to receive and provide feedback.

Content outline

  1. Working with RAW files
  2. Performance Settings
  3. Layers and Adjustment Layers
  4. Color Management
  5. Retouching Skin and enhancing portraits
  6. Removing Noise, Grain, distortion, and chromatic aberrations
  7. Creating a Panoramic
  8. Photo merge Feature
  9. Cropping, straightening, resizing, and exporting images for print or digital output
  10. Constructive critiques, receiving and giving feedback between instructor and classmates

Required materials

Digital Single Lens Reflex or Mirrorless camera with manual focus lens and exposure capabilities is required. Please see the syllabus for a detailed list of specific materials used in this course.

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