AV 112 : Technically Advanced Aircraft

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Technically Advanced Aircraft



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Prerequisites with concurrency

AV 210 or AV 215.

Course Description

Covers principles and operation of technologically advanced avionics systems in modern aircraft. Provides classroom discussion and hands-on training in programming and using electronic flight instruments, navigation radios, information systems, and technology safety/risk management.

Course learning outcomes

1. Interpret and evaluate flight and navigation information displayed on the primary flight display and multi-function display.
2. Demonstrate ability to use electronic flight planning and information systems software and displays.
3. Describe functions and modes of basic autopilots and flight directors.
4. Identify electronic display type malfunctions, identify the source, and take appropriate corrective action.
5. Incorporate advanced technology risk assessment and management into flight planning tasks.

Content outline

GPS systems TAA Electronic Instruments Electronic Navigation Principles Automated Flight Control Information Systems Electronic Flight Planning tools Advanced Avionics Risk Management

Required materials

Requires textbook and/or online learning materials.

Outside of

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