BA 177 : Payroll Accounting

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Payroll Accounting



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or to be taken with BA 112 or BA 212.

Course Description

Provides the fundamental accounting skills to calculate payroll for any business organization. Topics include calculating payroll based on current laws and regulations, recording payroll transactions in the general journal and general ledger, and completing required federal payroll tax forms and reports.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and apply various laws that affect employers in their payroll operations.
2. Explain Federal Income Tax law including the employee-employer relationship.
3. Calculate gross pay for salary and wage employees, including overtime.
4. Compute Federal income tax withholdings.
5. Compute federal unemployment taxes base on the Federal Unemployment Tax Act laws.
6. Record payroll transactions in the payroll register and the employee’s earnings records.
7. Journalize and post payroll entries in the general journal and general ledgers.
8. Complete federal payroll tax forms including W-4, W-2, and 1099 forms, the Employer’s Federal Quarterly Tax Return (941), and the Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Return (940).

Content outline

Payroll Law Employer-Employee Relationship Gross Wages and Salaries Federal and State Taxes Unemployment Taxes Payroll Transactions Payroll Reports

Required materials

Textbook and online access.

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