BA 290 : Business Seminar

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Business Seminar



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BA 206; BA 113; BA 220; and BA 223.


BA 290 is the capstone course for all specializations in the Associate of Applied Science degree in Business. It is an opportunity for students to demonstrate all they have learned in the areas of accounting, management, finance, marketing and operations. It also allows for the opportunity to demonstrate communication and technology skills. The end result will be a great sample of work for the portfolio that students can use in seeking employment or advancement. This is a hands-on, skills-oriented course.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of all aspects of business, including, but not limited to: management, marketing, human relations, accounting, and financial management;
2. Adapt the knowledge gained from the business curriculum to a thorough company analysis;
3. Demonstrate the ability to work cohesively as a team member in a realistic managerial
4. Demonstrate an understanding of typical business reports and financial data;
5. Transfer the knowledge gained from reports and financial data to a sound decision- making process;
6. Compile and deliver a presentation using PowerPoint or other state-of-the-art programs;
7. Illustrate comprehension of strategic and tactical planning and how they are used in typical business decision making processes;
8. Show the ability to fully comprehend how businesses operate in competitive marketplaces and the global environment.

Content outline

Research Company
Career Countdown
Research Company Continued
Industry and Competitive Analysis
Marketing Plan – The Four P's
Market Plan Continued
Financial Analysis
SWOT Analysis

Required materials

No required materials.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through discussion, homework, and a final report.

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