CS 161 : Computer Science I

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Computer Science I



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MTH 112 or MTH 251. .

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CS 160.


Examines the nature of computer programming; includes discussion of a computer model, methods of problem solving and programming structures; information representation; algorithm construction; object-oriented design using Java.

Learning outcomes

1. Translate a problem statement into an appropriate algorithm containing arithmetic, relational, and logical expressions.
2. Translate the semantics of an algorithm into the syntax of a computer programming language.
3. Develop an object-oriented solution to a problem using classes, methods, and objects.
4. Develop proper error handling for possible run-time errors.
5. Develop the debugging skills to help determine errors in a computer program.
6. Understand how to effectively test a solution for correctness.
7. Describe a program implementation in terms of a natural language.

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  • Science not Lab

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