ED 200 : Introduction to Education

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Introduction to Education



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WR 121.


Survey of the field and foundations of education, especially the teaching profession and the role of education in society. Explores philosophical, economic, legal, ethical, historical, psychological and social foundations of teaching and learning, and includes an overview of educational methods and approaches. Specializations within the field and training requirements for prospective teachers will also be addressed.

Learning outcomes

1. Reflect on the personal, social, and professional implications of choosing to become a teacher and evaluate teaching as a personal career choice.
2. Develop an understanding of teacher certification and learning standards in the state of Oregon.
3. Consider the history of American Education and develop an awareness of present educational trends as well as their origins in the past.
4. Explore and analyze current events, political developments, social trends and cultural influences which affect schooling in the U.S. today.
5. Develop an awareness of the characteristics of teaching in various educational settings including early childhood through secondary education.

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