ED 200 : Introduction to Education

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Introduction to Education



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Surveys education field and foundations, especially the teaching profession and education's societal role. Explores philosophical, economic, legal, ethical, historical, psychological, and social foundations of teaching and learning. Provides overview of educational methods and approaches. Addresses field specializations and prospective teacher training requirements.

Course learning outcomes

1. Evaluate teaching as a personal career choice.
2. Summarize Oregon teacher certification and learning standards.
3. Analyze the history of American education.
4. Analyze current events, political developments, social trends, and cultural influences that affect American education.
5. Contrast teaching in an early childhood setting to teaching in a secondary education setting.

Content outline

  1. Becoming a Teacher
  2. Teaching Stories/ Teaching in Action
  3. Overview of Schooling in America
  4. Principles of Teaching and Learning
  5. Who Are Today's Students?
  6. Trends and Issues in Education
  7. Information Technology in Education
  8. The Classroom as Community
  9. Global Education
  10. Making the Decision to Become a Teacher

Required materials

Required textbook.

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