ENG 260 : Introduction to Women Writers

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Introduction to Women Writers



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Focuses on the achievements and perspectives of women writers through critical analysis of their literary works and literary strategies. Uses a chronological, stylistic or thematic approach.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate a critical understanding about recurrent themes and issues in the literature by women and understand the impact of gender on literature.
2. Analyze practices of literary canonization to determine how they have affected the valuation of literature by women.
3. Analyze the relationship between literature and society. 4. Analyze the significance of social class, religion, sexuality, geography, historical context, culture and ethnicity in literature by women.
5. Analyze the effects of gender expectations, marginalization, publication practices, and political ideologies on the development and reputation of women writers.
6. Apply a range of reading strategies to analyze and interpret a variety of literary texts within their historical and literary contexts.
7. Use informal and formal writing to analyze and interpret literary works integrating textual evidence following MLA guidelines.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

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