FIRE 200 : S-200 Initial Attack Incident Command

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S-200 Initial Attack Incident



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FIRE 230.

Course Description

Designed to meet the training needs of the Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4). Presented in a discussion/exercise format. The six instructional units include Foundation Skills; Intelligence Gathering and Documentation; Size Up the Incident; Develop a Plan of Action; Post-fire Activities; Evaluate Incident Objectives and Manage the Incident. This is an NWCG certified course. NWCG requires students be qualified as any single resource boss to take this course.

Course learning outcomes

The following learning outcomes are those of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

1. Demonstrate effective foundation skills (leadership, risk management, and communications) at the ICT4 level.
2. Gather and document essential information about the incident.
3. Size up the incident, develop plan of action.
4. Manage the incident through effective leadership.
5. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate plan of action and make adjustments to the plan when necessary.
6. Conduct post-fire activities.

Content outline

• Introduction • Foundational Skills • Intelligence Gathering and Documentation • Size up the Incident, Develop a Plan • Manage the Incident • Evaluating Incident Objectives • Post-fire Activities • Simulations

Required materials

All materials are provided to the student.

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