FIRE 203 : S-203 Introduction to Incident Information

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S-203 Intro to Incident Info



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Standard letter grades

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Instructor approval based on agency nomination.

Course Description

Provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to serve as public information officers (PIOF). Includes establishing and maintaining an incident information operation, communicating with internal and external audiences, working with the news media, handling special situations, and long term planning and strategy. This course is an NWCG certified course.

Course learning outcomes

The following learning outcomes are those of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

1. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge of a public information officer (PIOF).
2. Demonstrate incident information principles, tools, and techniques.
3. Identify media access issues that require direction from the Incident Commander.
4. Describe the Public Information Officer’s role and importance in working with the media and residents of communities affected by incidents.
5. Describe tools and techniques to keep internal audiences and cooperators informed and involved.
6. Produce a long-term strategy document based on an incident.

Content outline

• Introduction • The Roles and Responsibilities of PIOFs • Initial Stages - from Mobilization to Action • Mobilization • Action • Incident Information Operations • Gathering and Assembling Information • Working with the News Media • Media 101 • Fostering Good Media Relations • Media Interview Exercise • Working with Key Audiences • Community Relations • Internal Audiences and Cooperators • Long-Term Planning and Strategy • Incident Simulation

Required materials

All material is provided to the student.

Outside of

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