HHP 246 : Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity

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lntro to Adapted Phys Activity



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This course will provide an overview of cognitive, neuromuscular, sensory, and orthopedic impairments; understanding accessible physical activity programs for individuals with disabilities. This is a hybrid course where approximately 50% of the course will take place in a traditional face-to-face classroom and 50% will be delivered via Blackboard, your online learning management system, where you will interact with your classmates and with the instructor.

Learning outcomes

1. Understand chronic health risks and how to implement holistic, lifestyle behavior change to enhance personal and community-wide safety, health, fitness.
2. Identify, detail, and evaluate the accessibility issues facing individuals with disabilities.
3. Relate observations to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
4. Demonstrate knowledge of various disabilities
5. Reflect on and evaluate your practical experiences
6. Identify a plan of action to overcome challenges of individuals with various disabilities
7. Articulate the importance of civic responsibility your responsibility to the community

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  • Health

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