HIM 104 : Health Information Standards and Governance

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Health Information Standards



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Course Description

Provides an in-depth study of documentation standards in the healthcare system. Emphasis is defining quality healthcare data, data analysis, and information governance. Also explores the legislation that has impacted documentation standards, as well as the functions of healthcare documentation.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the legislative impact on the history and the current framework of documentation in healthcare.
2. Analyze components of the legal health record versus the business record.
3. Identify principal and ancillary functions of healthcare documentation.
4. Analyze uses of secondary health data.
5. Analyze quality and integrity of clinical documentation.
6. Articulate concepts, tools, and best practices for health data analytics.

Content outline

  1. Legislative Impacts on Healthcare Delivery and Documentation
  2. Clinical Documentation and the Health Record
  3. Principal and Ancillary Functions of the Healthcare Record
  4. Documentation for Statistical Reporting and Public Health
  5. Health Record and Documentation Design
  6. Clinical Documentation Improvement
  7. Information Governance
  8. Data Analytics

Required materials

Required textbook, computer and reliable internet access, and portable storage device (ie. usb drive).

Outside of

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