HIM 271 : Quality Improvement in Health Care

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Quality Improve/Health Care



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Instructor approval based on completion of first-year HIM curriculum.


Provides an analysis and application of quality management, risk management, and performance improvement. Includes performance improvement data analysis, identification of improvement opportunities based on performance measurements, and communicating improvement activities. Students will have the opportunity to examine and and apply known team structures and quality improvement techniques while creating a performance improvement model.

Learning outcomes

1. Apply quality and performance improvement tools and techniques
2. Develop effective teams
3. Analyze the environment of care to promote quality care and patient safety
4. Understand the legal implications of performance improvement
5. Utilize data to identify facility-wide outcomes related to quality management and performance improvement
6. Utilize tools and techniques to monitor, report, and improve processes
7. Create a professional presentation and apply graphical tools for data
8. Illustrate effective communication techniques
9. Implement effective information management tools for performance improvement
10. Understand the management and evaluation of performance improvement programs

Content outline

1. Quality Improvement Tools
2. Team Structure
3. Risk in the Environment of Care
4. Implications of Performance Improvement
5. Facility-Wide Outcomes related to Quality Management and Performance Improvement
6. Tools to Monitor, Report, and Improve Processes
7. PowerPoint and Excel
8. Effective Communication Techniques
9. Effective Information Management Tools for Performance Improvement
10. Management and Evaluation of Performance Improvement Programs

Required materials

Required textbook. Computer and reliable internet access. Portable storage device (ie. usb drive).

Grading methods

This class requires a passing grade of 75% or better.

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