MFG 262 : Welding Inspection/Quality Control

Transcript title

Weld Inspection/Qual Control



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Lab hours



instructor approval.

Recommended preparation

MFG 100.

Course Description

Studies quality control issues related to weld joint inspection. Includes student exposure to visual and nondestructive inspection techniques that are utilized by welders and inspectors to interpret and monitor AWS quality standards.

Course learning outcomes

1. Student will develop the ability to recognize the factors that lead to weld discontinuities.
2. Student will understand the terms used in the inspection of weldments.
3. Student will perform welding bead measurements using various different specialty gages.
4. Student will describe the kinds of tools and processes used to perform visual inspection.
5. Student will determine the acceptability of welding beads by interpreting applicable welding code and blueprint requirements.
6. Student will interpret welding quality control parameters found on Welding Procedure Qualification Sheets.

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