MTH 102 : Applied Technical Mathematics

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Applied Technical Mathematics



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MTH 060 or higher or minimum placement Math Level 10.


Presents algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric concepts in a practical and applied workplace problem-solving context. Includes mathematical operations with real numbers, measurement, ratios, proportions, percentages, dimensional analysis, order of operations, solving equations numerically and symbolically, right triangle trigonometry, area, perimeter, surface area, volume, and weights.

Learning outcomes

1. Evaluate real number numerical expressions by hand and with the use of appropriate use of technology.
2. Solve linear, higher order, and literal equations.
3. Convert standard and metric units of measure in the calculation of length, area, volume, and weight.
4. Apply algebra, geometry, and trigonometry concepts to solve contextual workplace applications and projects.
5. Analyze context and data to determine appropriate mathematical process and problem-solving strategy.
6. Communicate problem-solving processes and solutions.

Content outline

Foundational Skills
• Order of operations
• Operations with real numbers
• Measurement
• Ratio, proportion, and percent
• Dimensional analysis
Formulas and Equations
• Solve linear equations
• Solve higher order equations
• Solve literal equations
• Regression models
• Pythagorean theorem
• Angles
• Right-angle trigonometry
• Area and perimeter
• Surface area
• Volume
• Weight (of a geometric solid with a constant density)

Required materials

A combination of low cost textbooks, instructor provided materials and a course pack will be used.

Grading methods

Course assessment requirements: two closed-book examinations (one of which is the comprehensive final); all exams will consist of primarily free response questions, although limited use of multiple choice, fill in the blank, or matching may be used as appropriate; assessment of written work will include evaluation of the students’ ability to arrive at correct conclusions using proper mathematical procedures and notation.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Computation

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