MTH 213 : Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics III

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Fund of Elementary Math III



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MTH 211.


Covers geometric shapes, measurement, congruence and similarity, and coordinate and transformational geometry. Third term of a sequence for students planning to become elementary teachers but open to any student wanting to study the foundations of mathematics.

Learning outcomes

1. Student will use appropriate mathematical language to describe two and three dimensional shapes and their properties.
2. Student will use a variety of problem–solving techniques to analyze and solve two and three dimensional geometric problems. Techniques will include exploring patterns, developing mathematical models, working backwards, creating tables of data, drawing graphs, using equations, estimating the reasonableness of an answer using a calculator or other appropriate technology.
3. Student will use algebraic techniques to analyze geometric problems such as relationships between inscribed and circumscribed polygons and polyhedral.
4. Student will use The Geometer’s Sketchpad software package to construct geometric models involving properties of lines, angles, polygons, circles and transformations.
5. Student will use straight-edge and compass, and Mira (where appropriate) to perform classic Euclidean constructions.
6. Student will explain how formulas for areas of polygons (specifically triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, and regular hexagons) and volumes of corresponding prisms and pyramids can be generated.
7. Student will explain and demonstrate how shape affects area for a given perimeter and perimeter for a given area.
8. Student will write extended reports (to be scored using the Oregon Mathematics Problem Solving Scoring Guide) describing work done to solve problems whose solutions are not immediately evident.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Discipline Studies/Science No Lab
  • Foundational Skills/Mathematics

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