OL 263 : Basic Wilderness Life Support

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Basic Wilderness Life Support



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Basic Wilderness Life Support is a wilderness first responder course designed to provide an individual with an in-depth knowledge of wilderness medicine and the basic skills to treat the most common injuries and illnesses encountered in the wilderness. This course is appropriate for those who spend a lot of time in remote locations (professionally or recreationally). The methods and protocols presented in this class follow the Wilderness Medical Society guidelines for a 74 hour certification and are specific to a wilderness setting. The Wilderness Medical Society defines wilderness as a remote geographical location more than one hour from definitive care. Students are required to complete a 1 credit CPR course with certification in order to satisfy the BWLS certification. A specific section of the American heart Association’s Healthcare Provider CPR course will be offered exclusively for BWLS students. Registration for the CPR class will be separate from registration for the BWLS class.

Course learning outcomes

1. Evaluate the need for and appropriate method to transport a patient, including spinal immobilization.
2. Understand the documentation for emergencies in a wilderness setting.
3. Classify wilderness settings and attribute the need for remote medical assessments and procedures .
4. Execute a thorough assessment of a patient’s injuries and illnesses in remote settings.
5. Demonstrate effective procedures of treatment for a variety of injuries and illnesses in remote settings
6. Organize an effective evacuation plan for a patient in a remote setting

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