OL 294CA : Canoe Program Instruction and Guiding

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Canoe Instructing and Guiding



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Prerequisites with concurrency

OL 271 and OL 273.

Course Description

Introduce students to guiding, teaching and leading flat and moving water canoe programs. May also introduce swift water rescue, whitewater techniques, etc.. Students will be instructed on the use of a variety of canoeing equipment and techniques used for travel by canoe within instructing/guiding situations (this course will teach much of the preliminary level material). Topics will include such areas as: water dynamics, rescue, client care and welfare, managing a group setting, risk assessment, as well as specific technical skills. Emphasis will be placed on advanced technical skill development and practical application. Although some time will be spent canoeing, this is not an activity course; all aspects of the course will be designed to teach the basic concepts of leading others in a variety of canoeing situations.

Course learning outcomes

1. Plan and organize a basic canoe curriculum for novice through intermediate participants.
2. Assess and Support beginning level participants during a canoe program.
3. Apply effective risk management methods for a canoe program.
4. Integrate an assessment of a client’s abilities and limitations into an appropriate canoe program.
5. Determine effective decisions concerning specific ethical considerations of canoeing.

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