PSY 261 : Indonesian Field Study I: Preparation to Study Abroad

Transcript title

Indonesian Field Study I



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours



Instructor approval based on completion of Field Study Readiness Checklist.

Course Description

This course is the first of a three-class sequence. Prepares students for international field research training about conservation, sustainability and biodiversity. Topics include Indonesian people, culture and history, Indonesian language. Students will development and design a conservation-related field research project that will be conducted in Indonesia.

Course learning outcomes

1. Discuss cultural and historical aspects of Indonesia.
2. Express basic phrases in Bahasan language, orally and in writing.
3. Apply primary scientific literature about animal behavior (with an emphasis on primates) in order to create a field research project in the context of conservation, sustainability and biodiversity.

Content outline

  1. Cultural aspects of Indonesia
  2. Basic phrases in Bahasan language
  3. History of Indonesia
  4. History of Indonesia Field Studies Institute
  5. Animal and Primate Behavior research
  6. Orientation to Field Research
  7. Designing field research projects

Required materials

Selected articles related to course topics and primary scientific literature about animal and primate behavior.

Outside of

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