SPAN 141 : Spanish Life and Culture

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Spanish Life Culture



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WR 121Z.

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Introduction to contemporary Spanish society by examining history, politics, society, immigration, economy and other aspects of Spanish culture. Explores specific regions and topics (e.g. Spanish film and culture, Spanish food and culture, Spanish Civil War, Immigration, Language Culture, Autonomous Communities of Spain) and provides an opportunity to develop and practice intercultural communication competencies.

Course learning outcomes

1. Interpret cultural and social perspectives in Spain as related to Barcelona based on an examination of themes such as history, language, politics and society.
2. Analyze historical and cultural works as related to Barcelona, Spain (works many include but are not limited to literature, film, art, dance, music, language, philosophy and/or religion).
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of Spanish Culture (history, economic practices, politics and social values) through comparison of Spanish Culture and their own.\\n
4. Enhance intercultural skills through the practice of self-appraisal and examination of one's personal beliefs in comparison with others.
5. Explain the diversity of cultures, and interpret own cultural identity in a global context.

Content outline

  1. Introduction to the course: What is Culture? Introduction to Cultural Studies Various in-class activities that allow us to analyze culture –starting with our own.
  2.  2000+ years of history in Barcelona - A hands-on experience to see and feel what people and groups have influenced Barcelona from the beginning. Guided visit through the Gothic Quarter to experience the Roman Ruins through to today’s government buildings.
  3. Food and culture - Food and drink are lenses into the culture of a people. We will explore how Spain eats and drinks and what that tells us about them with a comparative perspective to the US. Spanish and catalan cooking class and Cultural dinner.
  4. Sports and society - Learn how Spanish Culture is related to the importance of the sport. Debate about bullfighting and a Camp Nou stadium tour, where FC Barcelona plays.
  5. Immigration - Only since the end of the Franco dictatorship in 1975 has modern Spain been greatly affected by immigration. We will look at how immigration has influenced Barcelona. Visit to the barrio (neighborhood) of “el Raval” to discuss gentrification.
  6. Great artist of Spain - We will explore inside the mind of one of the most famous artists to come from Spain: Salvador Dalí. Students will analyze Dalís works, his inspirations, and his legacy. Visit to the Salvador Dalí Museum and Theater in the town of Figueres.
  7.  Politics and regionalism - Why do some Catalan people say they are not Spanish? Why do others say they are not Catalan, they are Spanish? We will explore how these strong feelings of “nationality” have come about and what it means for Spain’s future. Visit to the Ciutadella and Born neighborhoods of Barcelona passing by Catalonia’s government buildings.
  8. The Spanish Civil War - The Spanish Civil War lasted 3 years, saw neighbor fighting neighbor and left about a million people affected between deaths in battle, exiles and revenge assassinations after the war ended. What led to this bloody encounter? Visit into one of the hundreds of bomb shelters of Barcelona used to shield the citizens from aerial warfare.
  9. Language and culture - How does language influence culture and vice-versa? We will explore the different languages in Spain, who speaks them, and how it compares to the U.S. Scavenger hunt in the city and interviews with residents of Barcelona.
  10.  An international perspective - How does this experience abroad will help students on their jobs and resumes? Interactive workshop.

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  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

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