WR 241 : Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction

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Creative Writing: Fiction



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WR 121.


Practical study of effective strategies for creating vivid, dramatic stories. Students learn the basic craft of generating conflict and plot, openings that grab the reader, complications that build tension, and details that reveal character. Critical reading of published authors, prose craft exercises and responding constructively to other student work are essential learning processes.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify and practice the structural elements of fiction, such as action, plot, character, motive, conflict, setting, narrative voice and point of view.
2. Demonstrate the ability to use narration, dialogue and figurative language to create scene, character and action in fiction.
3. Identify and practice the effects of employing alternate points of view.
4. Identify and practice the conventions of standard written English and articulate the reasons for ignoring those conventions when choosing to do so in creative writing.
5. Produce at least 40 pages total for the quarter, including two stories of 10-12 pages, craft exercises, reading responses to professional stories, and peer critiques.
6. Complete at least one (formal or informal) written assessment of the student's own creative writing strengths and weaknesses, including effective strategies for improvement.
7. Demonstrate an ability to develop and apply an effective set of specific criteria for determining relative quality in creative writing.
8. Practice reading, analyzing, and evaluating fiction by other writers, including both published stories and works by fellow students; and demonstrating the ability to give critique to peers in a supportive, discerning and helpful manner in the context of a cooperative workshop session.
9. Develop discipline for a creative writing practice, which includes inviting and fostering creative opportunity (calling the muse).

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