WR 242 : Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry

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Creative Writing: Poetry



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WR 121.


Introduces students to the craft of poetry through study of the poetry and notebooks of established writers for writing techniques, forms, styles and work processes and through the writing and submission of approximately one complete poem per week for class discussion and analysis.

Learning outcomes

1. Acquire a basic understanding of the literary conventions of poetic writing, including the importance of diction, imagery, rhythm or sounds, metaphor, poetic tension, and rhyme.
2. Demonstrate the ability to draw from both personal memory and shared myth as two distinct sources of poetic creativity in two separate compositions.
3. Demonstrate the ability to express a personal vision within the organic structures of an open form poem and within the fixed structures of a closed form poem.
4. Demonstrate a basic facility with stanza, rhyme, and meter in composing a sonnet.
5. Demonstrate a basic understanding of nature imagery and language compression, expressing complex ideas through simple words in composing a haiku or tanka.
6. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the interplay between multiplicity and singularity in composing a ghazal.
7. Practice the competitive aspects of a “slam” by writing and performing a poem in the beat or hip-hop tradition.
8. Practice the ability of self-critique, assessing one’s own work by writing a cover letter for submitting a poem to a journal or website.
9. Practice reading, analyzing, and evaluating poetry by other writers, including both published poems and works by fellow students; and demonstrating the ability to give critique to peers in a supportive, discerning and helpful manner.
10. Develop discipline for a creative writing practice, which includes inviting and fostering creative opportunity (calling the muse).

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