Agricultural Sciences (OSU Transfer) Emphasis - Associate of Science (AS)


The Agricultural Sciences (OSU Transfer) Emphasis Associate of Science fulfills many of the lower-division requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University. Course requirements for other agricultural majors at OSU and other universities will differ. Students are strongly encouraged to check current degree requirements for changes.

Statewide General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Please see the General Education page for statewide general education student learning outcomes.

Entrance Requirements

While this program has no formal entrance requirement, individual courses may have prerequisites which must be met before enrollment.

Course Requirements

(See the baccalaureate core list or use the links below to locate courses.)

Course Title Credits
Baccalaureate Core
Writing I
WR 121ZComposition I4
Writing II: Met by Program Requirements
COMM 111ZPublic Speaking3-4
or COMM 114 Argumentation and Critical Discourse
Mathematics: Met by Program Requirements
HHP 295Health and Fitness3
Perspectives Courses 1,2
Choose one course from each of the following categories:
Physical Science: Met by Program Requirements
Biological Science: Met by Program Requirements
Physical or Biological Science: Met by Program Requirements
Western Culture: 13-4
Cultural Diversity: 14
Literature and the Arts: 13-4
Social Processes and Institutions: Met by Program Requirements
Difference, Power and Discrimination: 14
Program Requirements
BA 217Accounting Fundamentals4
BI 101General Biology: Cells & Genes 34-5
or BI 221 Principles of Biology: Cells
BI 102General Biology: Evolution 34-5
or BI 222 Principles of Biology: Organisms
BI 103General Biology: Ecology 34-5
or BI 223 Principles of Biology: Populations
CH 104Introduction to Chemistry I 35
or CH 221 General Chemistry I
CH 105Introduction to Chemistry II 35
or CH 222 General Chemistry II
CIS 120Computer Concepts4
EC 201Microeconomics4
FOR 208Soils: Sustainable Ecosystems4
MTH 105ZMath in Society (or higher)4
Recommend: MTH 111Z
WR 227ZTechnical Writing4
Choose any course numbered 100 or above that brings the total credits to 90 quarter hours. This may include up to 12 credits of Career and Technical Education courses designated by COCC as acceptable.20
Total Credits90-96

Select from the appropriate category in the OSU Baccalaureate Core course list.


No more than two courses (or lecture/lab combinations) from any one department may be used by a student to satisfy the Perspectives category of the core. GEO courses listed under Physical Science are considered to be from a different department than GEO courses listed under any other Perspective category.


Recommend: BI 221 Principles of Biology: Cells, BI 222 Principles of Biology: Organisms and BI 223 Principles of Biology: Populations and CH 221 General Chemistry I, CH 222 General Chemistry II and CH 223 General Chemistry III

Advising Notes

Transferrable from OSU E-Campus

  • AG 242 Personal Leadership Development 3
  • ANS 121 Introduction to Animal Science 4
  • AREC 221 Marketing in Agriculture 3
  • AREC 250 Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy 3
  • HORT 111 Introduction to Horticultural Crop Production 2
  • HORT 112 Intro. to Horticultural Systems, Practices and Careers 2

Students are encouraged to take BI 221 Principles of Biology: CellsBI 222 Principles of Biology: Organisms, and BI 223 Principles of Biology: Populations with CH 221 General Chemistry I taken before or concurrently with BI 221 Principles of Biology: Cells. Students are also encouraged to take MTH 241 Calculus for Management/Social Science or MTH 251 Calculus I. The FOR 208 Soils: Sustainable Ecosystems is a Spring term course that may be occasionally offered during during Fall term.

Performance Standards

  • Academic Requirements:

    • Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to earn a COCC certificate or degree.
    • All courses in the program must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

Sample Plan

Sample Plan Grid
First TermCredits
CIS 120Computer Concepts4
MTH 111ZPrecalculus I: Functions4
WR 121ZComposition I4
Second Term
Public Speaking
or Argumentation and Critical Discourse
Western Culture:3-4
WR 227ZTechnical Writing4
Third Term
BA 217Accounting Fundamentals4
EC 201Microeconomics4
HHP 295Health and Fitness3
Fourth Term
BI 221Principles of Biology: Cells5
CH 221General Chemistry I5
Cultural Diversity:4
Fifth Term
BI 223Principles of Biology: Populations5
CH 222General Chemistry II5
Literature and the Arts:3-4
Sixth Term
BI 222Principles of Biology: Organisms5
Difference, Power and Discrimination:4
FOR 208Soils: Sustainable Ecosystems4
 Total Credits90-96

Outside of

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