English Literature - Associate of Arts Transfer (AAT)


The Associate of Arts Transfer meets Oregon transfer degree requirements, allowing students to transfer to an Oregon public university and some out-of-state universities having met all lower-division general education requirements. 

English majors with a solid humanities foundation and strong writing, reading, critical thinking, and research skills are sought after in many careers, including advertising, business, public administration, communication and media, computer-based information and education, software and web development, social services, government, law and criminal justice, and teaching/education.

This program is part of a statewide Major Transfer Map (MTM) agreement that identifies the community college courses needed to transfer to any Oregon public universtiy as a junior seeking a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. 

program learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of literary works in context, including the ways texts engage notions of genre, culture, history, class, race, gender, and sexuality.
  • Use a variety of written, verbal, and multimodal forms to respond to and analyze literary texts and contexts. 

entrance requirements

While this program has no formal entrace requirements, individual courses may have prerequisites which must be met before enrollment.

course requirements

Course Title Credits
Core Transfer Requirements
Cultural Literacy:
At least one course from the following categories must be designated as cultural literacy on the discipline studies list.
WR 121ZComposition I4
Arts and Letters:
Choose two 200 level literature courses: 1,2,36-8
Survey British Literature II
Introduction to Children's Literature
Topics in American Literature: Contemporary Fiction
Introduction to Folklore and Mythology
Survey American Literature I
Survey American Literature II
Folklore and US Popular Culture
Introduction to Women Writers
Culture and Literature of Africa
Culture and Literature of the Americas
Immigrant Experience American Literature
Native American Literature and Culture
Cultural Diversity in Contemporary American Literature
Introduction to African-American Literature
Popular Culture: Detective Stories
Popular Culture: Travel Literature
Digital Games Culture
Popular Culture Graphic Novels
Social Science:
Choose two courses.6-8
Science/Math/Computer Science:
Choose two lab science courses. 48-10
MTH 105ZMath in Society (or higher) 54
Additional General Education Courses
WR 122ZComposition II4
Literature A: Choose any 200 level Eng Course 63-4
Literature B: Choose a 200 level English course from American or British Survey 64
Survey British Literature II
Survey American Literature I
Survey American Literature II
Bachelor's Degree Requirements
Second Language: Through 203 or end of second year or higher. 7,8,94
Additional Courses to Reach 90 Credits
This may include up to 12 credits of career and technical education (CTE) courses designated by COCC as acceptable.
It is recommended students pursue these options:
1. Take courses that will apply to their minor of choice and that will transfer to the Oregon public university of their choice. Work with an advisor.
2. Take courses that will apply to the general education requirements or major at the Oregon public university of their choice. Work with an advisor.
3. Take electives to reach 90 credits, that will transfer to the Oregon public university of their choice. Work with an advisor.
Total Credits90-97

WOU: American or British survey courses count toward major requirements.


EOU and SOU both courses count towards major requirements. At UO one course will count towards major requirements.  At PSU up to 12 credits of 200-level ENG literature can count toward the major.


​At OSU this course only counts toward the major and students will need to take another Arts and Letters course.


Second Lab Science course counts towards UNST placement at PSU.


​Not required at PSU for the BA; will count toward UNST placement.


At PSU, up to 12 credits of 200 level ENG. Lit. can count towards the major.


At EOU, PS, UO and WOU this fulfils both a degree requirement and some general education.


PSU offers a Bachelor of Science in English which does not require 2nd language. 


Students without any second language credits should begin the 100-level sequence in their first year at a community college. Students should complete language requirements before transferring. Students transferring to EOU should be aware that they only offer Spanish. Students may also be able to demonstrate proficiency through an exam or other means. 

advising notes

Lower-division requirements for majors, minors, and related specializations in English/literature vary among four-year institutions. To make wise elective course choices, students are advised to work closely with their advisors, consult college catalogs of the institution to which they wish to transfer, and determine whether one or more of the following courses should be elected to fulfill degree objectives.

Education programs may require or recommend:

ENG 221 Introduction to Children's Literature

English/literature and humanities degree programs may also require or recommend one of more courses in:

Non-Western world literature

HUM 211 Culture and Literature of Africa, HUM 212 Culture and Literature of the Americas

American multiculturalism
HUM 230 Immigrant Experience American Literature, HUM 240 Native American Literature and Culture, HUM 255 Cultural Diversity in Contemporary American Literature, HUM 256 Introduction to African-American Literature

Introductory genre courses in literature, film, popular culture, and/or women's studies courses
ENG 104 Introduction to Literature: Fiction, ENG 106 Introduction to Literature: Poetry, ENG 212 Autobiography, ENG 250 Introduction to Folklore and Mythology, ENG 256 Folklore and US Popular Culture, ENG 260 Introduction to Women Writers, FA 101 Introduction to Film, FA 125 World Cinema, FA 257 Literature Into Film, HUM 261 Popular Culture: Science FictionHUM 263 Popular Culture: Detective StoriesHUM 268 Digital Games Culture, HUM 269 Popular Culture Graphic Novels, WS 101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Creative writing courses
WR 240 Introduction to Creative Writing: Nonfiction, WR 241 Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction, WR 242 Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry, WR 243 Introduction to Creative Writing: Scriptwriting

Performance standards

  • Academic Requirements:
    • Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to earn a COCC certificate or degree.
    • Options for additional standards:
      • All courses in the program must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

sample plan

Sample Plan Grid
First Year
First TermCredits
Elective (recommend starting foreign language sequence)4
WR 121ZComposition I4
Social Science3-4
Second Term
Elective (recommend foreign language sequence)4
MTH 105ZMath in Society4
ENG 205
Survey British Literature II
or Survey American Literature I
or Survey American Literature II
Elective 4
Third Term
Elective (recommend foreign language sequence)4
WR 122ZComposition II4
Any 200-level literature course 13-4
Lab Science4-5
Second Year
Fourth Term
Elective (recommend second year foreign language sequence)4
Lab Science4-5
Any 200-level literature course 13-4
Fifth Term
Elective (recommend second year foreign language sequence)4
Social Science3-4
Any 200-level ENG course4
Sixth Term
Second Language: second year foreign language sequence (203 or higher)4
Elective 4
 Total Credits90-97

Recommend taking HUM classes that are literature

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