WS 101 : Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

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Women's and Gender Studies



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WR 121.

Course Description

Offers an introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary field that asks critical questions about the meanings of sex and gender in society. Examines the issues raised for all genders by feminism and the women’s movement; integrates analysis of contemporary and historical experiences of women; and considers the multiple ways that sex and gender interact with race, class, nationality, and other social identities. Students will become familiar with key issues, questions, and debates in the field.

Course learning outcomes

1. Engage with critical perspectives in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies, in both academic and public contexts.
2. Define and apply basic terms and concepts central to this field.
3. Apply a variety of methods of analyzing gender in society, drawing upon both primary and secondary sources.
4. Apply concepts and theories of Women’s and Gender Studies to life experiences and historical events and processes.
5. Communicate effectively about gender issues in both writing and speech, drawing upon Women’s and Gender Studies scholarship and addressing a public audience.

Content outline

I. Historical and contemporary texts in the field, both primary and secondary II. Common tenets of feminist theory and feminist thought across academic disciplines and professional fields III. Key concepts, critical perspectives, and core goals of women’s and gender studies across academic disciplines and professional fields IV. Types of questions posed and methods of inquiry used in women’s and gender studies scholarship across academic disciplines and professional fields

Required materials

Required textbook and reliable access to select electronic resources such as online articles and web resources.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

Outside of

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