Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

The Nursing Assistant program prepares students to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

A certified nursing assistant is a member of a healthcare team under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. A CNA helps patients with daily living activities and other healthcare needs. Students who successfully complete NUR 103 Nursing Assistant and then obtain certification (by passing the Oregon State Board of Nursing exam and background check) can apply for work as a CNA.

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Career and Technical Education

One-Year Certificate of Completion


NUR 103 Nursing Assistant (7 Credits)

Prerequisites: Department approval based on proof of holding a current American Heart Association, BLS Provider CPR card, passing a criminal history check, passing a urine drug screen, and meeting immunization and TB test requirements.

Covers basic nursing assistant level one care and effective communication skills for clients in acute and long-term care facilities. Discusses issues of confidentiality, client rights, and role of the nursing assistant. Students are eligible to sit for the Oregon State Board of Nursing sanctioned certified nursing assistant level one examination upon completion of the course. Clinic takes place in acute and long-term care facilities.

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NUR 104 Certified Nursing Assistant: Level 2 (6 Credits)

Prerequisites: NUR 103 and department approval.

Provides an Oregon State Board of Nursing approved standardized curriculum and competency evaluation for the designation of Certified Nursing Assistant Level 2. Focuses on technical skills, interpersonal skills and communication, safety, and infection control with the outcome of demonstrated proficiency in knowledge, skills and abilities in these areas. Includes clinical component to be scheduled at a clinical partner. Requires: a current unencumbered Oregon CNA 1 certificate (verified prior to registration); current American Heart Association BLS Provider CPR card; a criminal history check; immunization and tuberculosis test (required after registration but prior to class participation).

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