Allied Health (AH)

AH 105 Math for Health Sciences (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: MTH 015 (or higher) or minimum placement Math Level 7.

Reviews basic mathematical skills required to perform calculations without a calculator. The second portion of the class introduces application of mathematical concepts to solve clinically relevant problems by the student's specific Health Science program(s).

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AH 108 Clinical Phlebotomy for Medical Assistants (1 Credit)

Prerequisites: Department approval.

Introduces basic venipuncture and skin puncture techniques as well as proper specimen-handling procedures. Covers the preparation and training to function as an internal member in the ambulatory clinical lab care setting.

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AH 111 Medical Terminology (3 Credits)

Covers terminology pertaining to medical term construction, body structure, body systems, surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory tests. Includes standard abbreviations, anatomic, diagnostic, symptomatic, and surgical terms related to these body systems.

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AH 115 Cultural Responsiveness in Health Sciences (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: WR 121Z or BA 214.

Highlights the impact of cultural differences on both the patient and the caregiver. Examines the major categories of diversity, language, heritage, biases, and stereotypes and how these might impact patient care. Examines how knowledge of diversity issues can be essential to the caregiver in communication and treatment.

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AH 150 Phlebotomy (5 Credits)

Recommended to be taken with: HHP 212A.

Collect and process blood specimens in a simulated technical laboratory setting. Evaluates and assesses students' technical skill, safety, and patient care. Prepares students to sit for National Healthcare Association or National Certified Phlebotomy Technician Certification exam.

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AH 199 Special Topics: Allied Health (1-3 Credits)

This course is in development. Reserved for courses that cover topics of general interest in health occupations.

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AH 298 Independent Study: Allied Health (1-4 Credits)

Prerequisites: Instructor approval required.

Recommended preparation: Prior coursework in the discipline.

Individualized, advanced study to focus on outcomes not addressed in existing courses or of special interest to a student. P/NP grading.

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AH 299 Selected Topics: Allied Health (1-4 Credits)

This course is in development.

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